Tyler TwoTone Pritchett says:

“I just wanna give a shout out to one of the hardest music producers, JokerBeatz Productions! He has produced 2 hard tracks for me. 1 of them is a cypher on my new CD. Artist from all over the world on 1 track! This is 2-Tone ”Tha Alabama Gangsta”… Keep dropping that heat Joker!”

Tom Hamilton says:

“I have had the opportunity to work with JokerBeatzMaker (Christian) a few times over the last 3 or 4 years. Christian is extremely skilled as a music producer. He is a perfectionist and his dedication definitely shows in his final product. He is highly skilled in his craft whether it is an R&B track, a trap track or some hardcore hip hop. He has always tried to bring the best out of people and he is not afraid to push them out of their comfort zone. When it comes to being ”All in”, Christian is the one you want on your team!”

Ardita Sahitaj says:

”JokerBeatzMaker (Christian) is an amazing music producer! He can create so many styles with his music. Everything from pop and house to rap, hip hop and R&B. No beat sounds the same. He has always something unique in the sound he makes. I loved working with him and look forward in to making more super songs together soon!”

Damien Mc Mahon says:

“JokerBeatzMaker (Christian) is one of the best music producers that I have had the pleasure of working with. His beats are unique and he has his own sound. I would recommend him to any artists that takes their music career seriously!”

Thomas Bekker says:

“JokerBeatzMaker (Christian) was in the beginning a very fast learning music producer in the making of beats. He understood how rythmes and melodies have a magical effect to the audience. I have learned him a few tricks, but he has indeed learned me some things too!”

Daniel Olsen says:

“JokerBeatzMaker (Christian) is a music producer with great love for all kinds of rap genres! You can tell, because his good at what he does, and I admire his work!”

Kim Andersen says:

“I find that Christian, The CEO of JokerBeatz Productions, is a super good music producer! I enjoy working with him a lot. He is a great guy. God bless his future!”