Networking While Producing!

Everybody knows, that it’s good to have a great network of friends and family. But when it comes to The Music Industry and Your Business, then it’s one of the key factors if you make it or break it…Like in any other industry. That’s just how it is. It has been that for centuries. And ever since the Internet was invented and the social media have become such a big part of our lives it has never been easier to connect with people and starting up new business relationships. So there is no excuse, if you sit behind the screen, and think: “Well, that’s maybe your opinion, but I know better”. Maybe you are more smart than me…BUT, if you don’t want to get left behind in the music industry as a professional artist, sound engineer or music producer, then my best advice to you is: “START NETWORKING AND REACH OUT TO PEOPLE…NOW!!!”. And to show you some of the way, I have 4 subjects that I want to talk to you about, which I think are important, when it comes to Networking. The 4 subjects are as following:

  • Small Steps When You Start To Know Other Artists/Producers.
  • Building Up & Keep Having A Good Relationship Both Online And Offline.
  • It Is A Lot More Tough To Get Success Without A Network.
  • You Are An “One Man Army” vs. Big Music Organisations.

Here below you can watch a short video about networking in the music business. Even though the guy, called “Postman”, in this video maybe say S**T and F**K a few times, when he explains about the subject, then he actually knows what he talks about. And I agree with many of the things he says. So do yourself that favor and watch this 5 minutes video.

So… What you say? Can you agree with me, when I say he got some good points? Of course you can! Cause: HE IS RIGHT…PERIOD! 

So now I want to talk about the first subject in this Blog: 

Small Steps When You Start To Know Other Artists/Producers

When I first started out producing music, I didn’t have any clue about how important networking was. I just wanted to make music, and learn as much as I could about music production. But as the time flew by, and I had made a lot of beats, then I started to think about selling my music to unsigned artists via the Internet. But I didn’t knew anything about actually SELLING my beats. I knew HOW TO MAKE THE BEATS, but not HOW TO MARKET AND SELL THE BEATS. So I started out researching about selling beats, and maaaaan… I quickly found out, that I had to learn a lot. So I started to make profiles on many different online beat-marketplaces. And via (If you have made beats, and are serious about your music production, then you already know that site), I stumbled upon a link to another site. I clicked on the link to the site, and ended up buying a few courses about how to market and selling your beats. And I also reached out to the owner of the site, and started connecting with him. He ended up making my official website for my beats. And today I’m not only another customer in his eyes. No… I’m also friends with him. NOW, THAT’S THE POWER OF THE INTERNET! It started out in small footsteps. We started connecting on Facebook, talking about common interests. He talked about how he could help me, and I told him, what my goals and dreams was and still are. So my point is: 

When you reach out to people, then you of course have to be professional, but it’s also important to chat, and small talk about everyday things, like “Postman” talks about in the video above. So be professional at the same time you’re friends with your connections. As long as you know the “border” between professionalism and private things. This leads me to the next subject.


Building Up & Keep Having A Good Relationship Both Online And Offline

Now… Let’s say you have been making music for five years, and you have been networking/connecting with other people for one year.. You have 20 professional business connections, that could benefit your business, and the other way around. 10 of them are already great connections, who you also talk to in your spare time online… Some of them you maybe even talk to offline. But the last 10 connections you have just recently got to know. Now it’s important to start developing the 10 new connections with chatting, small talking about everyday things and of course business… BUT AT THE SAME TIME… It’s also very, very important to KEEP HAVING A GOOD RELATIONSHIP AND TAKE CARE OF the 10 older connections. Because like the old saying says: “Out of sight, out of mind”… If you don’t keep caring about your network, then what happen is, that they also start not to care about you, and forget all about you and your skills/business/resources. And that’s most certainly NOT GOOD FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS!


It Is A Lot More Tough To Get Success Without A Network

Hopefully now at this point, you have realized how important a big network is. And how you can keep expanding your network. Because the more people you connect with, and the bigger your network gets, the more people you can keep talking to about new products you make, new features you launch on your website, new services you offer etc.. You can maybe go some of the way to your success and reach some of your goals on your own, but in the long run you are almost doomed without a network. You can look at it in this way: See your connections as a football-team. You are the Manager. But without your coaches and players (connections/network) how can you ever win The Super Bowl!!!?  It’s tough for a manager, if not to say impossible, to win (get success) in the game without his team! To translate this scenario: It is a LOT MORE TOUGH to get success without your network. 


You Are An “One Man Army” vs. Big Music Organisations

To end this Blog I want to talk about, how you can use your strengths to your own benefits and reach out to your target audience. And even how you can improve yourself by always learning more and more. When the header says: “ONE MAN ARMY”, I mean that if you are a music producer or artist with a passion, a lot of goals and most important ONE BIG FAT DREAM to be your own boss and live off of the thing you love more than anything in life, which of course is MUSIC, then you have to have the right mindset and ACT like a business man. The reason to this is, that you’re up against all the big boys in the league, all the major music organization. So what you need to do is: You have to find your inner warrior. If you are serious about your game, and not a phony, who claims he is a music producer, but really isn’t, then GO FIND THAT WARRIOR. To make the warrior you are into a ONE MAN ARMY, you have to schedule your time, you have to outsource (cause you only got 24 hours in one day, and you can’t make all the things by yourself), you have to make a plan. And when you have made a plan, then you GOT TO STICK TO THAT PLAN! Both you and me know, that nothing happens overnight. So when I say make a plan, then I mean: When you have made that plan, and you keep sticking to it over and over again, then you WILL get success. But you have to work for it. On your way to success I have to tell you, that you will also fail at some things. But that’s only a good thing, cause then you learn from that mistake. So remember: for each time you fail, you will also get smarter. And for each time you learn and gain more knowledge. you become more powerful. That power you can’t buy for money. And that power you can use in your business. The best part of it is, that the knowledge you have gained maybe even haven’t cost you any money. Now that is a big advantage you got compared to the big boys, cause they spent thousands upon thousands of dollars each and every single day, when they are on the battlefield. They have to pay out paychecks to their employees each month, they have to pay rent for the buildings they are located in, they have to pay for equipment and fixing of that equipment etc. etc… BUT on the battlefield it’s not always the biggest and strongest warriors with the most lethal weapons, who wins… NO, NO…It’s more often the cleverest  warrior, who use the inside of his brain to defeat his opponent and win the war! The one, who is most adaptable and knows, when he has to switch into another path to keep going towards his success is the one, who wins!  

So what’s my point. I tell you… The most important thing for you as a producer/artist, beside your music of course, is to reach out to other people and get to know them. Next, make a plan, and STICK TO IT. Be curious, and read as much as you can about what is going on in the music industry, watch YouTube videos about things you might need to know to get that last edge to your craft. And when you fail at some point, learn from that mistake and use it as a power tool in your business. Cause remember: failing is not the same as quitting. And just because something is hard, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Now… Go transform that inner, clever music-warrior into a


That’s todays subject! I hope you have got some questions answered… But If you have any questions to me, then don’t hesitate to contact me. Just go to the page called “Contact” in the navigation bar, and send me an email. I will get back to you asap. But please let me get some response time, cause I have a lot to do. 

Talk to you soon!

Untill next Blog: BE THE BEST – SEE YOU AT THE TOP!