Investing In Your Business!

This blog is both aimed towards rappers/artists and music producers. It will inform you about how important it is to invest in your business, or with other words, in yourself! If you’re not willing to invest a single dollar in yourself, how can you expect others (Fx. a record label) should be willing to do so. I will tell about what I did, when I started out as a music producer. Below you can see the 5 subjects I’ll talk about in this blog:

  • Invest In Gear And Other Things (Producers).
  • Invest In Marketing (Both Rappers/Artists And Producers).
  • Buy Beats – Don’t Use Free Beats If You Are Serious (Rappers/Artists).
  • Get Your Songs Mixed & Mastered (Rappers/Artists).
  • Make Music Videos (Rappers).

Before I start telling you about the 5 subjects above, then I encourage you to watch this short video below. It’s only a little bit over one minute, so it’s not too long. The guy in the video have some great points, and he’s straight to the point. What he says can’t be misunderstood. Check it out.

Invest In Gear And Other Things

When I first started out as a music producer, I went out and bought myself a keyboard, an audio device and a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I started to make different kinds of beats, and just experimented and jammed. I didn’t thought about having the right sounds and drumkits. It’s also okay to do those things in the beginning for anyone else, but at some points you start to listen to other producers beats, and you think to yourself: “That’s a great synth. That’s a cool lead, and that’s a dope-ass 808 or kick!“. And the next question that pops up in your head is: “Where did he/she got that sounds from?“. And then there is only one thing to do, and that’s to START RESEARCHING for any similar sounds. That’s what I did, and I know a lot of other producers do the same. You always have to evolve yourself and your sounds! 2 other important things that I want to cover in this section is: “your own website” and “mixing and mastering”. It’s crucial to setup your own website. You can do that yourself or you can hire a webdesigner to do so. I chose to let a professional web-developer make me a website. I look at this as an investment to my business as a music producer, and if you’re serious about your craft, you should do the same as well. I can highly recommend the guy, who made my website. You can hit him up, if you want a great websiteIn the beginning, I didn’t thought about how important it is to mix and master beats. I just spit out a lot of beats. But as the time went by I realised, that I needed to do something about my beats, to make them more cleaner and punchy. To bring out all the different sounds of the beats. So I started to dig into mixing and mastering, and learned a lot about it. I’m still learning today. It’s an never ending learning curve. You maybe mean, that you know all about mixing and mastering, but I have to say, that you can always learn more about that subject. Don’t be ignorant, and think you know all about mixing and mastering, because you don’t! Okay… Let’s move on to the next subject.

Invest In Marketing

There are many ways to market your business as rapper/artist and producer. You can use free advertisement or paid marketing, or a mix of both. It’s all up to you. When I first started out promoting my brand/business, I used all the possible free ways. They are great, if you don’t have all the money in the world to use paid ads. I have written another blog about how to use some of the free ways and paid ways of marketing. The blog is called “Free vs. Paid Advertisement on Facebook“. I wont go into too much details on the different kinds of marketing, because a lot of the ways are covered in the blog mentioned above. But you’ve to be aware of how important it is to market yourself and your business. I can’t stress this enough! It’s okay to use the free ways of advertisement, but do yourself the favor and start digging into the paid ways of advertisement as well. Start to research about it, and choose a strategy, that you think would work best for you. Give it a try, and throw 10-20 dollars into paid marketing. It’s worth a try at least. I’ve gotten great results for just one month of paid advertisement on Facebook, like I write about in the blog mentioned above. I got 150 likes on my Facebook Fanpage within one month for only $15 US. That’s a result that I’m pretty satisfied with. I’ve a great quote from a second blog, which explains  the importance of market and branding yourself and your business.

I want to explain to you, why branding yourself is so important for you, when you want to go into the music production industry. Let’s say, that you have a car-wash some where in your town… Maybe it’s the best car-wash in the whole region. But you forget to make advertisement about your car-wash. So… How do you expect, that people are going to know, where your car-wash is? How much it costs for a wash? Which kind of  washes your offer, etc.! When you don’t let the world around you know about your company and product or service, then your are not going to make it in this industry, like any other industry!

The quote above is from the blog of mine called: “How To Become A Music Producer From Scratch!?“. Okay, next subject!

Buy Beats – Don’t Use Free Beats If You Are Serious

If you’re serious about your craft as a rapper/artist, then you should NOT USE FREE BEATS, BUT ACTUALLY BUY BEATS! Yes, you heard me! Buying beats is also AN INVESTMENT! There are a lot of reason, why you should buy beats as a rapper/artist. One example is: If you’ve made a song with a free beat, which is tagged with the producers name, and also keep repeating “This beat has not been sold”, then PEOPLE WILL NOT TAKE YOU SERIOUS! When you actually buy the rights to your beats, then those people, who can get you out there on the big stages around the world, will start taking you serious in a split second. Because when they can see, that YOU’VE BOUGHT the rights to your beats, then at the same time, THEY ARE MORE WILLING TO INVEST IN YOU. Let’s say, that you want to get in touch with a record label, and send them your mixtape with a lot of songs, which is filled with FREE BEATS, repeating the line mentioned above, they will throw your mixtape straight into the garbage can before you can count to 3! Remember what the guy in the video above says about this! Have that in mind, when you make songs. It doesn’t mean, that if you want to fool around and just have some fun making songs, and not want to become the next superstar rapper on the planet Earth, that you can’t use free beats. My point is just: Want to be taken serious and want to make a career as a rapper? THEN START BUYING BEATS AND INVEST IN YOUR BUSINESS! PERIOD! There have been a lot of rappers hitting me up, without even knowing me. The first thing they say is: “”YO DAWG, you got some hot free beats, that you can send my way?!”… Firstly: I’m NOT their DAWG! I don’t even know them. Secondly: Everytime they do that, I just think to myself: “Is he for real?!”. Serious… See it from the producer’s point of view: We spend a lot of money/work hours making those HOT BEATS, that they think they can just get “FOR FREE!”. So like I said: Invest in your craft, if want to become a known rapper/artist. It’s pretty simple.

Get Your Songs Mixed & Mastered

This subject is really, really important. A lot of you know how important it is to have your songs mixed and mastered, so they live up to todays music industry standard. For those, who don’t know the importance of this, I have to say, that if your songs are not mixed and mastered profesionally, then you will not go far in the music industry. I will not go into too much details about, why it’s important, because this blog will get too long if I should cover this subject in details. But I have a video on another page of this website, telling you about my mixing and mastering service. Check out my service, and hit me up, if you want to know more about it. From there on, you can decide, if you want to hire me to mix and master your songs. Moving on to the last subject…

Make Music Videos

It’s commonly known, that a song gets more exciting to listen to, when there also is a music video to it. So when you’re a rapper/artist, then you also have to invest in yourself in that way. This means, that you have to spend time on planning the video, making a storyboard to it, shooting the scenes, and finally edit the recorded materials. You can choose to do all that yourself, or you can choose to hire professionals, who will help you out with that. It’s your choice. Either the free way, or the paid way. But no matter what, my point is, that people love music videos, like you probably already know. So why not give your target audience the things they want? It will help growing your fanbase, and get you out there in another way. The bottom line is that it’s an investment too. If you’ve already recorded your scenes to your music video, but you either don’t got the time or the skills to edit the scenes into a full music video, then JokerBeatz Productions also got you covered with another one of our services: “Music Video Editing Service“… Check it out if you want, and just hit me up, if you want us to edit your video.

That’s the end of the todays subjects! Now you know a little bit more about how to invest in your business and yourself as a rapper/artist and/or producer… If you have any questions to me, then don’t hesitate to contact me. Just go to the page called “Contact”, and send me an email. I will get back to you asap. But please let me get some response time, because I have a lot to do. You can also hit me up on my social media. Links to those are in the footer of this website.

Talk to you soon!

Untill next Blog: BE THE BEST – SEE YOU AT THE TOP!