I know My WHY! What’s Your WHY?!

It’s time to set yourself a goal! You got a goal? No? Then go set yourself a God damn goal! That’s right! You heard me!
What’s your WHY?! And is that WHY bigger than yourself!? No? Then go find a WHY, that’s bigger than you! I do what I preach! Now you maybe saying: “Aight then, what’s your WHY, Christian!?” MY WHY!? I’m gonna tell you my WHY!
Before I’m gonna tell you my WHY, then take a look at 5 the subjects below, that I’m gonna talk about today:

    • My Struggles!
    • Don’t Grind ONLY FOR THE MONEY!
    • Another “WHY” Of Mine Is: “To HELP People Through My Music!”

My Struggles!

I want to tell you some of my background and history. I will try to make it short and sweet – In my future blogs I’m gonna tell you more about my history, because it can’t be told alone in this single blog – I will tell you my history so you can get a better understanding of WHY I am in this business, and what keeps me going on and on and ON – I’ll not tell you my history just because I am better than anybody else – No, I want to inspire you, who reads this, to go and set yourself a goal AND NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON THAT GOAL! Okay so… Here we go!

In my teenage years I was drinking a lot of alcohol and took drugs now and then. I wasn’t that much different than other teenagers here in my country (Denmark, Europe). BUT! At the age of 17 I got ill. It was “PAYDAY”! All the years with heavy drinking and drugs now and then had a price! One day after a party I was going back home, and suddently out of no where I started to hear people talking… The only problem with that was… There was not any single person near me! That’s the first time I started to hear voices. At the age of 21 I got ill again, and was in the hospital for 2,5 months. Lastly, at the age of 25 I got ill again, and this time I was in the hospital for 8,5 month! The worst f****** nightmare in my entire life! This is just the beginning of a long journey I want to take you, dear reader, together with me over a long series of blogs in the future. Anyway… My mental health was at the edge…I was suicidal. Those months in the hospital was my own personal “Ground Zero“! I found a way out of my struggles through music. I started to rap, and used my lyrics as a shield against my illness. I started to get better during those 8,5 months and afterwards my recovery began, when I got out of the hospital.

Now to the point! My WHY is right above! The lines above, you have just read, are my WHY! I MOST CERTAINLY DON’T WANNA GO BACK TO THAT HELL HOLE! Under no circumstances! My WHY is to stay out of the hospital! My WHY is to stay clean without any form of alcohol and drugs, like I have done for 5 years in a row now! My new alcohol and drug is MUSIC PRODUCTION! That’s right, you heard me! I get HIGH when I make beats, when I make construction kits, when I write lyrics and when I work together with fellow producers and artists! My WHY is to prove that even a person with an illness, just like me, can succeed if they want to, and work hard for that success! I will show myself and my family that I made it, and when I reach my goal I will continue, shooting for the stars! Another WHY I got, is to pay back all the help that I got from my family (Just not from my dad) and friends back then, when I was ill. I know they don’t got an illness, but I still wanna thank them, and that I can only do in the way to be there for them, and stay away from alcohol and drugs – I don’t want to see them suffer, just cause I go back and start drinking and doing drugs again. When a person gets ill, it’s not only the person himself, that is suffering… No, no, no… It’s also all the people around that person, who care about that person that suffer! Remember that. Just like it’s not only the guy, who gets judged 25 to life, who suffers – It’s also his family and friends that suffer! Take a look at the short video below, where ET also talks about the “WHY” you got to have!


Don’t you think that ET in the short video above is right? I KNOW HE’S RIGHT! If you want to make it big in this world, and you want to be the undefeated CHAMPION in the world, then you first of all got to work your ass off! But you most definetly also got to have that WHY, that ET and me are talking about! And not just have a WHY, so you can say you got a WHY… No, you got to have a WHY that’s bigger than YOU! I don’t know what’s your WHY. I can’t tell you that. You have to go into yourself and into your heart and soul. Feel the soul! What’s that soul telling? Does the soul tell you your WHY? No… Begin to start going through your life story, and take a look back at all the hard times with struggles (If you got any of those – Most people do). Take a trip down Memory Lane, and find your WHY. ET is talking to sports athleths, but it doesn’t matter what business you’re in. Everybody can find themself a WHY – That’s bigger than themselves – no matter what job or industry they are in. So trust me… I know you’re in the music industry since you’re reading this blog. And YES, you can most certainly get yourself a why. Moving on to the next subject…


Let me tell you a short real life story… My dad used to have all the money he could ever dream of, he got success, he was a highroller – Was he happy?! Maybe he was, I don’t know – But I know him as a person, who only cares about himself, not his friends and family… No, if he got success and money, then he is satisfied! BUT…Where is he now? At the F*****’ GROUND ZERO! Cause he cared more about the money and the success than he did about his friends and family, and now, when he’s at the rock buttom, there is nobody left to talk to… No friends… No family! And the only one to blame is him GOD DAMN SELF! He will retire maybe in like 10 years…And then what happens? What’s he gonna live off of? THE MILLIONS THAT HE USED TO HAVE?! THAT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN, CAUSE HE DOESN’T EVEN GOT A SINGLE CENT! As a matter of fact, he has the straight opposite! He has a HUGE DEBT IN THE BANK!
Instead of doing this game only for the money, then go find yourself a HUGE WHY! Set a goal, make a plan to reach that goal and stick to that plan every single day with hard work. It doesn’t matter, if you maybe only do some small things one day to reach that goal. Cause then the other day, you’ll maybe do some extra work. As long as you keep grindin’ with your WHY in a steady flow. Then you will reach your goal, one day. Trust me!


Imagine your dream situation, when you reach your goal, and your WHY has made it possible to reach that goal… How would that situation look like? I know how my situation will look like, when I close my eyes and dream for 5 minutes. 10 years from now I have not been to the hospital just one day! Instead I will have an education, I will have a great relationship to my family (Which I also have now – as long as I stay away from alcohol and drugs), I will live off of my music and of off my education as a webdesigner. I will work 50/50 with music and webdesign. Then I have reached my goal, cause of my WHY, and at that point I have proved to myself, family and friends that I have succeeded. But then what? Should I just stop then, cause I have reached my goal? And say goodbye to my WHY?! No, no, no… That’s not gonna happen! Each and every single day for the rest of my life I will WAKE UP, KICK ASS AND REPEAT! Cause what happens, when you just stop? Then you will not be the best anymore, then you will not be the undefeated champion of the world! Then you will be CHASED BY THE ONES THAT STILL GOT A WHY! And one day, they will be the best, and you will be #2 in the world. Nobody wants to be #2 at anything, they want to be the BEST!!! YOU DON’T WIN SILVER – YOU LOSE GOLD! Remember that! Do you want to CHASE OR BE CHASED? Never stop, when you reach your goal! When you reach your goal, then set a new one! That’s the spirit of a real CHAMPION! Take a look at the video below, where ET talks about the lion and the gazelle – It’s a great comparison to what I’m talking about.

Another “WHY” Of Mine Is: “To Help Other People Through My Music!”

I’ve made an album together with a great friend of mine – We didn’t made it for the money… No, we made it, cause we had been through a lot of s***. Both of us. The shit I had been through almost got me killed! And that’s WHY we made that album. We wanted to reach out through our songs to other people, who are in the same situation that we were! Many of those, who we aimed the album for, was people, who is suicidal. We had a mission to SAVE LIVES THROUGH OUR MUSIC! WE WANTED TO TELL THEM THAT THERE IS A SOLUTION TO THE STRUGGLES THAT THEY GOT. THEY DON’T HAVE TO COMMIT SUICIDE TO SOLVE THEIR STRUGGLES!!!
My WHY is to HELP other people who maybe are or have been in the same situation as I was. I want to reach out to those people through my music.

That’s all for today! If you have any questions to me, then please don’t hesitate to contact me. Just go to the page called “Contact”, and send me an email. I will get back to you asap. But please let me get some response time, because I have a lot to do. You can also hit me up on my social media. Links to those are in the footer of this website. If you’re in the need for beats, then get my FREE MIXTAPE WITH 10 HARDBANGIN’ BEATS HERE

Talk to you soon!

Untill next Blog: BE THE BEST – SEE YOU AT THE TOP!