How To Become A Music Producer From Scratch!?

In this Blog I am gonna tell you about 4 things to get started as a music producer. I am gonna tell you about the things you have to be aware of in the game of music production. What I’m gonna tell you in this Blog, are as following:

  • Passion! You got to have PASSION. If you are making music only for the money, then STOP! I will explain that later.
  • How I got started as a music producer. 
  • Branding yourself. It’s not only about the creation of music, when you are in the beatmaking game.
  • TEAMWORK!!! Team up with somebody you know, that have the same passion and drive as yourself.


Okay…First subject! PASSION! You got to have passion about the thing, that you are doing here in life, either if you’re a music producer, singer, moviestar or something else. No matter which field you are working in: If you’re only doing it for the money. If you are one of those, who think that: “Hey man, music production! I can do that, and I can make a ton of money!“, then I got news-flash for you: YOU ARE DEAD WRONG, if you have these thoughts! Because this industry is NOT a “GET RICH QUICK” industry. Nope… It’s a “work-your-ass-off”-industry! To get success in this game, you have to work for that success, just like in every other industries.

The 2. thing that I want to mention in this Blog is: How I got started as a producer. You remember that I said in another Blog, that I started out as a rapper and wrote my own lyrics, right? Okay… But afterwards I started to dig more into beats, because in the beginning I was only freestyling without any beats. So I went out and bought a small homestudio that included: An audio-device, a keyboard, a microfon, and the small version of Cubase, called Cubase AI 5. The reason to this was, that I couldn’t find any beats that were my style. And from there, I began to explore how to make good beats. I watched Youtube videos about how to make great beats. Maybe you have done the same thing. I also started to play piano, and took piano lessons. And before I knew it, I had actually found the style, that fit together with my rap. AND I never stopped doing my thing, when it came to practicing my skills. Both as a rapper, but also as a music producer. So… There you go, that’s actually how I started out. Pretty simple story about how I started, but that’s it! Today I have upgraded my studio, and have bought Cubase 7, some things from Native Instruments (“NI”, as it’s also called), and have started making some Dubstep tracks, but my main production is still Rap, HipHop, West Coast, Trap & R&B…Okay, cool…Let’s move on to the next subject.

So… Now, we are at one of the most important subjects in this Blog, when it comes to if you make it, or not. If you get success, or not. Yes, you guessed it: BRANDING! Some people think, that when they are making beats, then they can sell all their beats in a split second. They don’t think about anything, which is associated with BRANDING. So they just sit there, and make beats ALL DAY LONG… 24/7/365. Do they get success? I don’t think so, no… I want to explain to you, why branding yourself is so important for you, when you want to go into the music production industry. Let’s say, that you have a car-wash some where in your town… Maybe it’s the best car-wash in the whole region. But you forget to make advertisement about your car-wash. So… How do you expect, that people are going to know, where your car-wash is? How much it costs for a wash? Which kind of  washes your offer, etc.! When you don’t let the world around you know about your company and product or service, then your are not going to make it in this industry, like any other industry! Today there is lots of both paid, AND NON-PAID advertisement methods. I can mention a few of them right here: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogging (wordpress, or other Blog platforms). Then there are paid ads, like: Pay-per-click, Google Adverts, traffic agencies, and many more. When you brand yourself in this case, let’s say as a music producer. You have to be real to the people you are targeting your branding towards. With this I mean, that you SHOULD UNDER NO circumstances brand yourself as the #1 beatmaker/music producer in the industry, if you are making very shitty beats. I tell you why… Because the second people hear your beats, and see your ads about you are the “best beatmaker/musicproducer in the industry”, and these two things don’t match, then the first thing the buyers will do is, that they would spread the word about, that you are making false marketing. AND THAT’S NOT GOOD FOR YOUR BUSINESS… AT ALL!!! I want to go on to the the last subject in this Blog. But do yourself a favor, when you are done reading this Blog: Go and research all you can about Branding, so you can dig further into this subject on your own, because this is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO MAKE IT IN THIS INDUSTRY!

Okay, great… Now I want talk a little bit about team-work. If you are a fulltime music producer, then you know how hard it is to get everything done in time, because you have to do all these things, as I have talked about above, and much more too. But you don’t have the time to do it all by yourself. Therefore it’s a good thing to partner up, and make a team with another producer, or maybe even two other producers. Because then you can spread out the work, that has to be done in time. In this way, you can actually keep doing the things that you love about this industry, because you don’t get stressed out about all the things, which you haven’t done. But… There is a but. And that is: You have to be very careful, when you choose a team. You have to be absolutely sure, that the others HAVE THE SAME DRIVE AS YOU. Because if you don’t, then it’s bad for the business. It’s okay, if one of the team members is better at let’s say, branding. Then you are maybe better to make those HOT BEATS. And the 3. person is great at networking with other people in the industry (Networking is very important too. I just haven’t talked about it in this Blog. Maybe I will write about this in another Blog to you).

That was todays lesson from JokerBeatz Productions.

Hope you have got some questions answered from this. You can always write a comment to me. Just leave a comment in the form, which you can find in the category called: “Contact” on this website. I will answer you asap, but I got a lot going on, so please give me some time to answer.

Thank you for giving yourself time to  read this Blog.

Talk to you soon!

And remember: Be the BEST!