Have Your Own Sound/Style – BE YOU!

Todays topic is not that easy to master. It takes a lot of time and work to develop your own sound/style, when you rap. The first time you make a rap song, it might be sounding like another rappers style, and that’s also okay in the begining. But before you publish any of your work to the rest of the world, you have to have your own style. That’s just my opinion. Below you can see the 4 topics, that I will talk about in this blog:

  • Don’t Try To Be Somebody Else.
  • Find Your Own Sound/Style (Beats & Attitude).
  • Tell Your Own Story – Both If It’s Happy Or Sad.
  • So What If You Are Different!? People Love That! 

Don’t Try To Be Somebody Else

It’s a little bit of a dilemma, when you are in the process to find your own style, and don’t want to sound like any other rapper, because you both have to start at some point and work from there, but you also don’t want to be a copycat. I wrote a lot of songs, and I recorded a lot of songs to find my own style. Of course I also got inspiration from other well known artists. The point is, that I recorded a lot of songs, but I never published them to the world. First when I was happy about my own sound and style, I published some songs, so other could listen to them. If you publish your songs right away, when you are brand new to rapping, then the listeners can very quickly hear, who you have gotten your inspiration from. So like the header says: DON’T TRY TO BE SOMEBODY ELSE! The reason why?! Because people hate that. Personally, I’m really tired about all the rappers, who want to sound like 2 Chainz. What’s the point to sound like someone else? Why not develop your own style and sound, and get a fanbase because of what you really are, instead of being a copycat? I know, what I would do of those two things! Do you? Okay, let’s move on to the next subject.

Find Your Own Sound/Style (Beats & Attitude)

The video below is telling you a little bit of the same things, that I have mentioned above, in short words. I think you should have a look at it, so you can hear it from another person than me. He’s right about the things he says, so check it out.

So, would you agree with him? I do. Like he also says in the video: You have to work on your craft all the time. You have to evolve your rap, and try different kinds of technics, when you’re working on your sound and style. Well… It’s not only your style you have to work on. You also have to choose your beats wisely, before you publish something to the world. Why, are you maybe thinking? I tell you why… When you have published your first album to the rest of the world, then people have become familiar with your music/beats. And the second that your 2. album hits the streets, people are very, very good to criticise your music, because they are maybe disappointed of the music/beats of your songs. Your lyrics can be the best written and recorded lyrics in the world, but if you’ve chosen one style of music/beats on the 1. album, and then switch to another style of music/beats on your 2. album, then it might be the reason why people don’t like the 2. album. People/fans are very, very picky, and hard to please. So if you’re not sticking to the same kind of music/beats on the 2. album, then at least try to make the album similar to the 1. album, so you don’t disappoint all your fans. You can’t make everybody happy on the planet, that’s a fact. But you can TRY to give them what they want.

The last thing in this subject is attitude. As you already know, rap is all about attitude too. I will say very little about this. If you’re not a badass-gangsta-rapper, then DON’T TRY TO BE!!! If you are just a normal guy, who likes to rap, then BE THAT NORMAL GUY. Rap can also be fun and enjoyable. So if you’ve a little bit of a comedian hidden inside you, then express that comedian in your songs! Why not?! I bet, that you have seen the music video below, and that’s what I mean with just a normal guy. And it’s funny and enjoyable to watch, because there is so much energy in it.

Tell Your Own Story – Both If It’s Happy Or Sad

No matter if your history is happy or sad, then tell the people/fans your story. If not all people in the world can relate to your story, then I bet there will still be enough fans who can relate to it. Another thing about telling your story is, that if let’s say you’ve been going through some serious struggles in your life, then when people hear your story through your songs, there will be people/fans who you in some kind of way can help. My personal story has been pretty rough if I should say it myself (You can read some of my story here). And that can be heard in my songs. I’ve tried to write happy songs, but because I’ve been through a lot of shit, then I just really can’t write many happy songs. But that’s also okay. Like I said above: don’t be something you aren’t. So I don’t try to do that either. I’m me, and I’m proud of who I am. You should be the same too. Below is a song, that I have produced together with a rapper from Australia. He’s name is “The Only Justice”, and the band is called “The Justice Department”. Have a listen to his story. You can hear the struggles and the pain that he’s been through.

So What If You Are Different!? People Love That! 

If all of us human beings on the planet Earth were all the same, then it would be really, really boring! Don’t you think? Well, I do… Fuck, if you’re different from a lot of other people, because I tell you a thing – PEOPLE FREAKIN’ LOVE THAT! They don’t want to listen to 50 rappers, that are all the same, when it comes to style/sound, beats/music and story! No, no… They want to hear that very special and unique story from a rapper, that a totally different from all the others! That’s what makes the famous rapstars on the planet so successful! So before you start writing a lot of songs to your next album, then sit down, and just think. Think about who you really are. All the subjects mentioned above is coming all together in this last subject. When you have found your own sound/style, you’re not trying to be somebody else and you are about to tell your own story, then you really have to brainstorm your whole entire life. All the good times, all the crazy times, all the sad times etc. When you mix all these ingredients together, then you can start to reflect on your life, and first after that, you can start making an awesome album! That’s at least what I did, before I published any songs to the rest of the world. I think it’s a good way to make an album. But you’re the judge about how you will do it yourself. I’ve just told you, what I did.

That’s all for today! If you have any questions to me, then please don’t hesitate to contact me. Just go to the page called “Contact”, and send me an email. I will get back to you asap. But please let me get some response time, because I have a lot to do. You can also hit me up on my social media. Links to those are in the footer of this website.

Talk to you soon!

Untill next Blog: BE THE BEST – SEE YOU AT THE TOP!