Hard Times vs. Good Times

When you first start out as a rapper and you’re all fired up, ready to spit out some songs, want to conquer the world with your words, rhymes and messages, everything goes great! And that’s an awesome time! You want to make something that can make a difference on this planet. Don’t you know how it was, when you first started out? Well, that’s at least how I felt, when I was new to rapping. But when the rap game became such a big part of my life, that it was almost like if it was my day job, then I sometimes just hit a wall, and couldn’t write. Serious! There was days, sometimes weeks, when I just couldn’t write. I tried to force out lines and rhymes those days, but that just made it a whole lot worse. And I’m sure, that I’m not the only one, who have tried that. So in this blog I want to give you some tips and tricks on what to do, when the hard times just blast up in your face. I want to tell you a little bit about what I did, so you can do the same things, and see if it also works for you. Below you can see the 4 subjects I will talk about in this blog:

  • How To Handle The Hard Times.
  • Try Different Things.
  • The Worst Thing To Do, Is To Do Nothing.
  • Learn From Other People – Get Inspired.

How To Handle The Hard Times

When the hard times floats into your head like a tsunami, and is flooding all your lines and rhymes, so you can’t focus on writing any song, then there is one keyword, which is important to get back in the game, and it’s the word “Handle”. Creativity is sometimes a pain in the ass, but it is also the most admirable thing that a man can do! When you can’t write a song at any given day, then you have to find a way, that can get you writing again as fast as possible, even though it’s not easy. When I couldn’t write at any given time, I grabbed my dictionary. I opened the book at a random page, found a word. Out of that word, I began to brainstorm all the words that rhymed on that. When I had emptied my head from all these words, I began to look at all of them. I picked out the ones, that I thought I could use in a new song. That is one way to handle the hard times. I maybe couldn’t make a whole song from all those words, but now I got a whole lot of new rhymes. My point is, that the way I handled those situations still made me productive, when I had found a lot of new words I could use. Another thing I did, when I was hit by some hard times, was that I thought about my history. Both the good and the bad from my past. I have been in trouble with the police a little bit too much, than I really want to admit, but well… Now it’s said. When I thought about those situations, I began to think about how I really got in trouble with the police, and why. I turned those situations into songs. It was good to recall those situations, because I both got the anger towards the police out of my system, and I was also productive, making a new song. So it was like a win-win, so to speak. I did a lot of things to turn the hard times into some good times, so I could keep evolving my craft. Okay… Let’s move on to the next subject.


Try Different Things

When you’re trying to find things, that can help you turn the hard times into the good times, and one thing isn’t working, then there is a very important thing NOT TO DO! And that’s TO NEVER EVER GIVE UP! If rap is such a big part of your life, and your soul is filled with lines, rhymes and messages, then: DON’T EVER STOP! KEEP GOING! NO MATTER HOW HARD IT IS SOMETIMES! Winners never quit, and if you’re serious about your craft, then you have to be aware about that there will be hard times. You have to adapt your game, so that you will learn all the things you can do to succeed. Let’s say you have tried 3 different things, but none of them work, then the 4. thing maybe could get you on the right track again. So remember always to try many different things. When you have got 3-5 things, that seems to work, then stick to those 3-5 things, because you can use them in any future hard times. This doesn’t mean, that you should just stop finding other things besides those 5 things. But at least you now got 5 tools to help you getting back in the game asap!


The Worst Thing To Do, Is To Do Nothing

This subject is pretty obvious, but I have to write about it, after my opinion. work hardWhen you hit the wall, and can’t write, and you maybe want to do nothing about it (God forbid that!), then it’s the same thing to say “Bye Bye, Success!”. Then you’ve just ended your rap career before it ever started in the first place! I have thought to myself many times, that it’s really, really hard to write great songs. But just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean that it’s impossible! You just have to use every single piece of tool, that you can think of to your advantage. If one week goes by, where you can’t write, then there is still things (Like I have mentioned above) you can do to be productive about your craft. It’s the same for me as a producer. Don’t you think that I got beat block from time to time? Of course I do! But then there is still many other things I’m doing on the side. Some examples can be: Mixing and mastering, songwriting, promoting my brand, writing blogs (like this one) etc. It’s the same thing for you as a rapper. Don’t just sit down and feel sorry for yourself because you can’t make an awesome song in just one hour. There are hundreds of things you can do. The only thing that happens if you do nothing is, that times goes by. And time is a very valuable thing in this world! The clock is ticking and you, obviously, don’t get any younger as times goes by. So you have to work hard, even when it’s hard times. If you want success, then the only work ethic you should have is a: “working-your-ass-off-all-the-time” ethic!


Learn From Other People – Get Inspired

The last thing you can do to have more good times than hard times writing great songs is to learn from other people and get inspiration from them! It can be your favorite rapper of all times, or it can be a new upcoming rapper. If it’s the last one, then you can watch what he/she does, because if it works for him/her, why shouldn’t it work for you also? When I say “watch what he/she does”, then I MOST CERTAINLY DON’T mean, that you should steal from them, or be a copy-cat, because people hate that, and your fans will turn your back against you in a split second, if you do that. There is a very, very thin line between learning and stealing from others (I assume that you already know this, but I just have to stress this, if there is anybody, who is new in this industry, and maybe aren’t aware of this).


That’s all from me for today! I hope you can use these tips and tricks in your future work… If you have any questions to me, then don’t hesitate to contact me. Just go to the page called “Contact” in the navigation bar, and send me an email. I will get back to you asap. But please let me get some response time, because I have a lot to do. You can also hit me up on my social media. Links to those are in the footer of this website.

Talk to you soon!

Untill next Blog: BE THE BEST – SEE YOU AT THE TOP!