Free vs. Paid Advertisement on Facebook

Sometimes it’s hard to get your target market’s attention, when you promote your business for free, both if you are a music producer or rapper/artist. Many people simply just give up, when they keep struggling with daily marketing tasks, and see no results! In a way I can understand, why they give up, because they just want to spread the message(s) they have to the rest of the world, in the fastest way possible and for free, or with very little money. But there is one thing they forget about marketing , when it comes to social media: PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO BE “SOLD”! They want to communicate with the company, and better yet, they want to know the people behind the product/service and company! It’s obvious, when you are marketing on “social” media like Facebook. The keyword is: SOCIAL! It’s just like in the real offline world. Us, human beings, are born social.

This blog will give you some great information about, how I’ve been working with marketing on the social media, so you can try these out yourself, and see if they also works well for you too. If it works for me, why shouldn’t it also work for you, right? Okay, here below are the 4 subjects, that I will write about in this blog:

  • Free Advertisements Are Great – BUT Also Hard To Master!
  • Use All The Relevant Social Media To Advertise.
  • I Just Started To Dig Into Paid Facebook Advertisement.
  • Paid Advertisement – Set & Forget!


Free Advertisement Are Great – BUT Also Hard To Master!

I have made a lot of free advertisement on different kinds of social media, but mostly on Facebook. I know how hard it can be, when you think you make all the right things, but just don’t see that many results. BUT… That didn’t meant that I just quit, and blamed it on Facebook. No, I kept going, and tried different things (I’ve written about “trying different things” in another blog). If something isn’t working for you, then you have to think about, what you’re doing wrong. Afterwards you have to start tweaking on the things you are doing, and compare the results with the first things you did. From that comparison you can quickly see, which strategies are working best for you. Then you have some tools, that you know works for you, and can always use. Those tools, you now have, can be used with new strategies, because you have to remember to always find new strategies and tools all the time, so you have as many “marketing weapons” as possible.

Below you can see some results from 2 different weeks, where I had made a lot of free advertisement (It included small videos where I made beats, blogs, letting people know which products and services I offered etc):

Free Ad 1

















As you can see I reached 11.028 people in 1 of the weeks (11.028 people saw my ads – NOT CLICKED ON MY ADS – They just saw it and scrolled down the rest of the Facebook wall). Out of those 11.028 people I got 12 likes on my Facebook Fanpage. Now you’re maybe thinking that 12 likes is not too bad, but I have to tell you, I went crazy promoting my brand that week! I was almost addicted in some way to promote and push my brand. It was really hard work. Do the math: 11.028 people, who saw the ads, divided with 12 people, who liked my Facebook Fanpage = 919. For every 919 people, who saw my ads that week, 1 person liked my page. It’s a lot of people for just one like! Of course I was happy to get 12 new likes, but you have to see it in perspective. My point is, that it takes a whole lot of time and work, when you are making free advertisement. You have to dedicate yourself 100% to it, if you choose the free way. You can’t just do some advertisement, when you want some likes, comments and shares. YOU NEED TO BE PERSISTENT! When I say persistent, then I don’t mean, that you should be spamming your connections and communities on Facebook all the time, where you just push your services, products and/or brand. People hate that. I hate that too. If there is a person, no matter if it’s a producer or rapper, who just post, post and post his/hers beat(s)/song(s) and/or other product(s)/services(s) all the time, and I don’t talk with that person about anything in the chat on Facebook, then it’s pretty simple for me: I REMOVE HIM/HER AS A FACEBOOK FRIEND!

So you have to find that “invisible line” between spamming and normal marketing on the social media. Don’t market too little, but also don’t over-do it!

Use All The Relevant Social Media To Advertise

I will touch this subject with just a few words, because most of you probably already know, what I’m about to tell, I just need to say it, if there is somebody, who isn’t aware of it. Okay… When you are a rapper/artist/music producer, then it’s important to be on most social media as possible, so you can promote your business to your target market. In my opinion the 5 most important social media platforms to be on are: Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter and Instagram. They are the most relevant media for a rapper/artist and music producer, in my eyes. I use these media myself. When I post something on let’s say Instagram, then I also post it on Facebook and Twitter. I use SoundCloud to promote my beats, and also share these beats via SoundCloud on FaceBook and Twitter. Last but not least, I promote my business on YouTube with fx. videos to my blog, like this one. When I have posted a video on YouTube, I share that video on Twitter and Facebook too. I know that most of you do the same thing, but I just want to tell, what I do, and express my excitement about combining each post I make on many different social media platforms.

I Just Started To Dig Into Paid Facebook Advertisement

Last month, I thought to myself: “What can I do to let more people know about my brand/business with a few dollars?“. My conclusion to that question was, that I decided to spend 100 DKK (100 DKK = $14.70 US). Let’s round that amount up to 15 dollars, so it’s easier to explain what I’m about tell.

I’m totally new to PAID advertisement, and have only been doing this for 1 month. You have to keep that in mind. I mean, that I have a whole lot more to learn about paid advertisement on Facebook, so I’m NOT an expert, when talking about this subject. I just want to let you know, what I have done the last month, and show you the results of 1 month of paid advertisement. Below you can see the results of my advertisement campaign the last month:

Facebook Reklame til Blog

















As you can see at the picture above, I got 150 likes, reached 3252 people, the cost per like was 0,67 DKK and the total cost was 99.93 DKK (Almost 100 DKK, which was my budget, because I wanted to give paid advertisement a try). I’m pretty satisfied with those results, because I got 150 new likes, for only 100 DKK ($15 US)! I mean, if you compare it with another product/service I could have decided to spend my money on, then how far can you go for only 15 dollars? Here in Denmark you can get 2 meals from McDonald’s for that price! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out, that the money is a whole lot better spent on paid Facebook advertisement, than on 2 meals from McDonald’s! And besides that: IT’S MORE HEALTHIER! Haha… I see this campaign as a success, and value for the money! My point is: For very low cost, you can get a lot of new likes/fans via paid ads on Facebook.

I know that I can get better at setting up my campaigns in the future, because I don’t know everything about this subject yet. My goal is to become a “Social Media Marketing Expert”. And I know this is a journey, that will go on for a long time. I just stumbled upon this video below, when I was writing this blog about social media marketing, which is pretty straight forward, which I have learned a lot from, just now! Take a look!

I will definitely dig a whole lot more into paid advertisement in the future. From now on, I will choose a monthly budget for my Facebook advertisement campaigns. Furthermore I will start getting to know more about other paid advertisements such as: PPC (Pay Per Click) on Google and Bing, and I will definitely also start digging into SEO!

I will keep working with free advertisements. I think it’s important to make a mix of free and paid ads on Facebook, and other social media. It will become a strong “marketing weapon”, when you combine the two ways of marketing.

Paid Advertisement – Set & Forget!

When the header on this subject is saying “Set & Forget”, then it should be understood in the way, that when you have setup a campaign for let’s say 1 month, like I did, then when you hit the “start campaign” button, then you shouldn’t worry too much about the results before the campaign is done for that month. So set it and forget it. Because you can’t do much about it, when it’s first started (Well yes, there is one thing… You can stop the campaign – But what’s the point with that? Why start one, just to end it straight away afterwards – Doesn’t make any sense). What you CAN do, when the campaign ends is, you can start to look at the results, consider if you are happy with the results. Maybe you want to narrow down your target audience, like the video above was telling about. Maybe you only want to reach males or females, then narrow down with that option. Maybe you want to narrow down the age of your target audience of the campaign to get better results. When you start the next campaign, then narrow down the things you want to change, and after the second campaign ends, then compare the the two results with each other. The one that works best should be the one, that you choose to set up on your third campaign. It’s an never ending process with tweaking a little bit here, and a little bit there.


That’s all from me today! I hope you can use the things, that I have done, when it comes to “Free vs. Paid Advertisement on Facebook” in your business as well… If you have any questions to me, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Just go to the page called “Contact”, and send me an email. I will get back to you asap. But please let me get some response time, because I have a lot to do. You can also hit me up on my social media. Links to those are in the footer of this website. Btw… Don’t forget to go grab my FREE MIXTAPE WITH 10 BANGIN’ BEATS in different genres!

Talk to you soon!

Untill next Blog: BE THE BEST – SEE YOU AT THE TOP!