I’ve had the pleasure to work together with a lot of rappers and other artists over the years of my career. Each and every one of them has their very own style, which makes them unique. These people are normal people just like you and me. They are not big shot superstars. BUT… The songs below stand out in their very own way, and they prove, that if you have a dream and a goal here in life about making music, then don’t hold back! Just jump into the challenge! In the beginning it will be scary and tough, but it will get easy when you get used to it.

Just because something is tough doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, remember that!

What I’m trying to say is: DREAM BIG, jump into it, WORK HARD on your goals and don’t let anybody convince you, that your dreams and goals are too big! I’m here to help you achieve the success, that you deserve! And so should you grab the chance and let’s work together on your NEXT AWESOME ALBUM! LET’S DO THIS!

Here below you can listen to some of the songs I’ve made with different artists from around the globe. For your information: You can be the next featured artist here on this page, if you decide to make music together with me!