About Me


I (Christian – aka. JokerBeatzMaker), am the CEO of JokerBeatz Productions. Before my career as a music producer, I started out like many others as a rapper. I have been writing my own lyrics the past 5 years. After some time writing my own lyrics, I soon realized that I wanted to do more about my craft. I wanted to make my own beats and music too. So I started out making my own beats 6 month after I started out as a rapper.
From there on my production career really took speed. I made beats and music together with a lot of people from around the globe! You can hear some of the songs I’ve made together with these people on the page called: credits.

But before I started out with my music career, I had to go through some serious struggles. I got ill, and was at the hospital for a long time. While I was at the hospital, I realized, that rhymes and lines just came to me like magic! So I started to make lyrics. I used the lyrics to get out of my sad condition. If I was feeling down, I just wrote down my thoughts on paper, and in that way I got my pain out, and then the pain was out of my system for a while. It was like the songs I wrote were some kind of shield, which protected me from all the sad and bad things I had been through.

When I look 5 years back, I’m proud of where I’m right now, because it could might as well has went the straight opposite way. I look at the struggles in this way: If I haven’t got ill 5 years back, then I wouldn’t have been able to bring all you rappers/artists from around the world the HOT BEATS, that I’m making today. The reason to this is, that I haven’t discovered the ”gift” that I now got to make lyrics and beats. At the same time, I was some kind of ”cursed” with my condition 5 years back, then I feel blessed from above, and I thank God for every day I wake up! I will never stop making music, because this is what I’m good at, and I know I can help out a lot of rappers/artists achieve their goals and dreams in the music industry.

Thank You for taking time to read This short story about me, and how I got started in the music industry!